Seven And An Eighth

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In a wonderfully expressive story of the Seven Sisters, the book takes us through the tales of goddesses and gods, of love and healing, of sexual magic and nature, of mystery and mysticism.

 It is told to Ignomatius…. guided by The Hooded One through dream states… She travels throughout the ancient world along with the Pleiades sisters where she also comes across the Tree of Life and its lessons. All of these lessons are to teach her, and all of humanity, what is needed in order for the world to survive and then to thrive into a deeper sense of love and light….

While weaving this story, the author does an excellent job of examining the issues that she believes all of humanity needs to learn—to get along with one another, to balance the dichotomies in life, to forgive self and others, and, mostly, to be love and live in the light of the Source, however that source is named.




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Seven and an Eighth

June 23, 2024

“Seven and an Eighth” stands out for its emphasis on personal growth and transformation, reminding readers that the journey itself is as crucial as the destination. Flagg’s genuine curiosity and reverence for the Pleiades Sisters resonate throughout, drawing readers into the enchanting world she describes.

Accessible and engaging, this book is a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and practical spiritual tools. It’s highly recommended for anyone interested in self-discovery, ancient mythology, and the exploration of deeper spiritual truths.